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AC PAW was founded to give animals in northern Michigan a second chance at life. Since 1995, we have rescued over 8,000 dogs and cats and have placed them into loving homes.
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URGENT! We need to find a new foster home or forever home for our sweet Zoie the St. Bernard! Her current foster home can no longer keep her.

Zoie is a 7 year old St. Bernard who was first given to us when her owner was deployed to Afghanistan. Zoie has been waiting for her forever home for a long time as we have had a hard time placing her, because she MUST be an only dog (cats and kids are okay). Zoie has so much love to give. She loves all humans, big ones and little ones. Zoie loves to go for car rides and sleep at the foot of the bed. Her ideal home would be a laid back one where she can rest and be loved. 

Please help us find a forever home for this beautiful girl. She deserves to have a second chance at being an awesome companion!

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